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Pastor Anthony Collins, Instructor Rev. Dr. Eric Leake, Contributor TCM Christian Leadership Academy (TCMCLA) exists because the church can never have too many positive leaders. TCMCLA is designed to equip, empower, and encourage Christian leaders “To Lead Others to Lead Others.” It will prepare you to become a better Christian disciple and Christian leader. You will learn both the spiritual and practical side of leadership.  If as a ministry you have been praying for God to send you more qualified leaders, Christ’s response may well be to you as it was to us – “make qualified leaders”. That’s how TCMCLA was born. If you are someone that wants to be utilized by your local church congregation or any organization in a more significant way, TCMCLA is just the opportunity you need to grow your leadership skills.

TCMCLA is a twelve-month program that will begin in January 2018. The class will meet once a month and cover twelve topics as follows: – Fundamentals of Biblical Leadership – Leading Like Jesus – The Importance of Prayer – Phase 1 – Emotional Maturity to Spiritual Maturity – Transformational Thinking – The Importance of Prayer – Phase 2 – Creating a Positive Team Culture – Leading & Motivating – Managing Team Performance – The Importance of Prayer – Phase 3 – Resolving Team Conflict – Developing a Strong Team. Also there is an online curriculum where you will learn about your Identity in Christ and understand how to walk in your Freedom in Christ, and more. There are monthly quizzes and a mid-year and final exam. This is serious training. Classes will meet one Saturday a month from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at The House of Worship located at 190 Manhattan Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN. Class attendance, test scores, a final paper, and overall participation determine your success or failure in this class.  This class is also available virtually.

The cost of the class is FREE. You can choose to pay for the class if you are so encouraged by The Holy Spirit, but there is no obligation to do so.  For more information, contact the church at:

 865-2723703 or

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