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The True Love of Jesus Christ

Serving Jesus Christ in Oak Ridge and the World

Our ministry at The House of Worship is bring the truth, love and peace of Jesus Christ to the community and the world. As a committed body of believers, we are committed to living out our faith to His glory. Some of the highlights of our local outreach includes free meals, reaching out to the homeless and a community health fair day.

Additionally, each Monday we reach out to a group of apartments in the area to encourage and pray with those who are living there. We also have “Park & Pray” each Tuesday from 10AM – Noon. This is an opportunity for those that are driving or walking by to stop and allow us to intercede to The Lord on their behalf. We also support Choices resource center and Woodland Elementary School. The list of our local missions involvement is too lengthy to list in this limited space.

Ministry and missions are a great way to connect here at the House of Worship. Take a look at just some of our ministries and missions and see how you can fit in. Just ask us and we will be happy to assist you in the process.

Enter In: To His Presence, His Promises, His Prosperity

It is time for us as children of the living God to step into our inheritance that we have obtained by our saving faith in Jesus Christ, as our Redeemer. We have an inheritance in Christ even in this life of peace, power, protection and prosperity – spiritually first, then in every other way. There is nothing that hinders us, or can hinder us, from walking in our place of abundance in Him. Yet we can only access this secret place by trusting and obeying God’s divine process of acceptance that is outlined in His word. We must forget how it used to be and walk in how Christ has ordained it to be. Dream Big – Pray Big – Expect Big – and watch God do great things in your life. He has given us an invitation to more.


We fund missionaries on both a national and international level. We helped plant a church in Mexico that planted eleven other churches and developed a missionary to Thailand. We are currently partnering with these twelve churches in Mexico to teach their pastors, support financially, and to be on the ground in Mexico to encourage them in any way we can.

This ministry has had direct impact in countries such as Afghanistan, Africa, France, Mexico, Iraq, Iran, Canada, Granada, Germany, Russia, Thailand and the Ukraine. We indirectly through our ministry partners help sponsor missions around the globe.


Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m.

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