Bishops Corner

Hebrews 12:14 – “Pursue peace with everyone, and holiness, without which no man shall see The Lord .”

It is apparent after reading the above scripture that it is Holiness that we need. No matter who we are, if we desire to spend the eternal after life in heaven with Jesus Christ, we must have Holiness. The above scripture makes it plain that without Holiness we will not have anything to do with The Lord – ever. This is a powerful scripture to which we must give serious consideration. This is a word that we must give significant thought to, that
deserves our complete and full attention.

If we need “anything” to make sure that we are going to spend eternity with
Christ, based upon the words of the One that has created everything – our Lord Jesus, then this “anything” must become our main focus to acquire. The obvious questions are “What is Holiness?” and “How do I acquire it?”

As it is revealed in the New Testament, there are at least three aspects of
Holiness: 1) Positional Holiness is when we give our hearts to Jesus and make Him our Lord and Saviour by believing in His atoning death on the cross for our sins. We become positionally holy at the time of our conversion. We move from spiritual darkness to spiritual light and from spiritual death to spiritual life. It is our Positional Holiness that the Apostle Paul speaks of when he describes believers as being seated with Christ in
the heavenly realms (Ephesians 2:6). It is this same Positional Holiness that

Peter speaks of when he calls believers
a Holy nation.

There is also (2) Practical Holiness . This is what we show day by day in our
everyday lives. We systematically separate ourselves from the evil that
seeks to attach itself and stay attached to our lives. So-called Positional
Holiness that does not reveal itself as Practical Holiness is in fact not Holiness at all. It is in the “working out of our salvation in fear and trembling” that proves that our Positional Holiness is authentic. Practical Holiness means getting on the outside of us what Christ has deposited on the inside of us. It means revealing to those we come in contact with the new creation that God has made us to be. It means that we can’t look like, act like, talk like or be like the world. Why? Because we are different, we are peculiar to the culture. We are God’s kids and we progressively, more and more, show how different we are as compared to those who aren’t Holy. And Practical Holiness must be Progressive Holiness, or it’s not Holiness at all. We must continue to grow to become more and more like our risen King, The Lord Jesus.

And of course, there is (3) Perfect Holiness . This is revealed when we
arrive in heaven. When we see Christ face to face, we will be made Perfectly
Holy just as He already is.

It is good for us to be reminded that there is no other word that better
describes our Lord than the word Holy. His Holiness is the anthem of heaven and the song of the saints. We must choose consecration and sanctification if we are to reveal the Holiness of God in our lives. Never forget that elevation requires consecration.

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