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The Ultimate Power

EXCERPT: We have been lied to. In the present age, there is a great chasing after and a great gathering up. At almost any cost and great pursuit, we attempt to acquire what we call power. We all want it. Power is commonly known as dominance, control, influence, muscle, clout, sway or the ability to throw your weight around. We use many vehicles to gain an advantage over our perceived rivals.

We chase after influence, or power, as it is displayed in the way we look. We use health clubs and plastic surgeons. We use cosmetics. We use hair color, tinted contact lenses, and hair transplants. We use fat-reducing pills, quick-fix exercise “gadgets,” and hundreds of diets. All this is designed to give us more favorable looks, winks, nods, and approaches from people who presumably really count, whoever they are to you. This supposedly translates into more power, more control over our lives. We have been lied to…

£699.9By Pastor Anthony Collins

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Anthony has been successful for over 30 years, holding executive level positions with Fortune 100 companies. He has overcome tragedies, addictions, disasters and close calls. He writes to help others see and accomplish what it has taken him decades to understand.

He is Senior Pastor at The House of Worship, Oak Ridge, TN.

About Anthony Collins

100 Days of Inspiration

For Those Who Have Encountered the Storms of Life

By Pastor Anthony Collins

10 Things

Every Church Member Should Know

By Pastor Anthony Collins


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Includes Shipping (USA), Handling and Tax

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