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190 Manhattan Avenue

Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

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10 Things Every Church Member Should Know

"Ten Things Every Church Member Should Know" provides a guide for us to become the children of God that our spiritual Father made us and that our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross that we might become. It is as we increase our understanding of who we are in Christ and walk in that grace that we are able to have a more profound positive impact on both the Church local and the Church universal. This book's approach to positive organizational membership and leadership is both practical and scriptural. It is suitable for all organizations, groups and ministries, but particularly the church. If you are a ministry, group, or organizational supporter that desires for their institution, no matter how large or small, to run more effectively, then this is the book that will help you to have the insight and develop the skill set to accomplish your goals. Also, if you are currently a leader or desire to be one in any capacity, this book is a must read. The principles that are contained within these pages will provide you with the purpose, power, and truth that you will use to make a dramatic positive difference for the rest of your life.

£699.9By Pastor Anthony Collins

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Anthony has been successful for over 30 years, holding executive level positions with Fortune 100 companies. He has overcome tragedies, addictions, disasters and close calls. He writes to help others see and accomplish what it has taken him decades to understand.

He is Senior Pastor at The House of Worship, Oak Ridge, TN.

About Anthony Collins

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100 Days of Inspiration

For Those Who Have Encountered the Storms of Life

By Pastor Anthony Collins

The Ultimate Power Revealed in You

By Pastor Anthony Collins


Includes Shipping (USA), Handling and Tax


Includes Shipping (USA), Handling and Tax


Includes Shipping (USA), Handling and Tax

100 Days Ultimate Power
More on the Book More on the Book